Horizontal pattern façade in Gregorio Marañón hospital [269]

This Rafael Moneo’s project, along with the Chace Center in Rhode Island or Kursaal in San Sebastian, is a part of a set of buildings towards a solution of facade. In this case, the facade is based on a horizontal line pattern where opaque or transparent panels are inserted, as if it was a pentagram.

<p><span lang="EN-GB">Depending on the use of the interior space and also on the facade (patio or street) the treatment of openings &nbsp;and solar protection is different, but always adapted to this horizontal plot, which is also used as a modulation for the fragmentation of the windows.</span></p>
<p><span lang="EN-GB">The opaque element is frosted glass, creating a bright and clear atmosphere on the exterior, but not inside the building, where it is adapted to every exigence.</span></p>
General view of the building: 
C/ O´Donnell 48-50
28009 Madrid , Madrid

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Main picture - Ignacio ParicioPhoto 2 - el CroquisPhoto 3 - FolcráPhoto 4 & 5 - Llambí

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Window - FolcráLouvered shutters - Llambí