Glass Louvers on UPC Building [179]

This building belongs to the Center for Research in NanoEngineering (CRnE) and is a facility located in a place where is high exposed to the Sun due to its South-East orientation. For this fact it is equipped with a set of elements that provides a great wellbeing inside.

<p><span>This filter gets ensure the light comfort inside the building through vertical components in order to sift the solar radiation. In addition, in the south facade, it uses a set of horizontal louvers located between the vertical ones with an inclination degree so that solve this high solar intensity location. </span></p><p><span>The glass is the main material of the facade and, due to it has some opacity to filter the Sun, it allows offer a high visual permeability through the windows. Therefore the visual impact that we feel looking it on the street looks dissipated when we are inside.</span></p>
<p>1.Structure | 2.Horizontal Louver | 3.Vertical Louver | 4.Clamp | 5.Estabilising Cable | 6.Maintenance Grille | 7.Elongated Hole&nbsp;</p><p><span lang="EN-GB">The facade gets hold through a structural set that consists of small landings embedded to each floor with a metallic cable that runs through every vertical element in the perimeter allowing the work together between them. </span></p>
General view of the building: 
Barcelona Knowledge Campus (BKC)
c/ Pau Gargalló
08028 Barcelona , Barcelona

Lluís Botella, ETSAB student

Authorship of the graphical documentation: 

Axonometric: Lluís Botella, ETSAB studentSection and plan: Miquel Giménez, ETSAB student