Folding-sliding louvered shutters in Ibiza, by Nouvel [341]

Life Marina in Ibiza is a spectacular luxury apartment complex. Each apartment is designed as an open, flowing space; the living area spills on to the inner balcony and can be adapted to suit your mood.

Alternatively, the balcony can be closed off with floor-to-ceiling aluminium shutters to give a totally private, enclosed space: 1800 operable louvered shutters Model E-77 from Llambí, in white, on folding-sliding or fixed frames.

In the outer plane of the facade, hiding all substructures and hardware, as well as integrating the different elements that compose it, such as floor structure endings and handrail supports with protective mesh. Alternating succession racks with fixed or retractable blind guides, which makes the difference between them imperceptible. This, coupled with the orientation of slats builds a changing and dynamic facade.

General view of the building: 
life marina ibiza - building B
Carrer Vial 9 S-16, 1
07800 Eivissa , Illes Balears
Illes Balears
Intermediate Spaces: 

Product: Llambí E-77 singular

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